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1-800-960-SONG (7664) 23,601 children have received
a Song of Love as of 05/04/13

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Thank you Songs of Love!

Dear John Beltzer and others at Songs of Love,

Thank you all so much for my Songs of Love! This foundation is anamazing thing that spreads so much love, joy, hope, comfort, and happiness! I loved listening to the music during my chemo, and no that I have finished my chemo, my Song of Love is a snog of celebration! What you do for kids, young and old, is a beautiful and amazing thing. Thank you for writing me a song and writing a song for every single child. You bring so many smiles, to so many people!

Thank you, Jullette Walkerthat

Dear John Beltzer and others at Songs of Love,

My name is Edwin Galdamez Franco. I am nine years old, and In the fourth grade. I want to thank you both for sending my special song. The first time I heard my song, I loved the words because they described myself and my family.

Your rhyming words made me feel happy and special. Now, every time that I don't feel well, or I am feelling sad, playing the CD makes me happy. My family also wishes to thank you for my special song. They love the song, and wish to thank you also, for your special gift to me.

From, Edwin Galdamez Franco

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Car Donations for Kids from Songs of Love Car Donations for Kids from Songs of Love

Frequently Asked Questions

Help Sick Kids and Get Tax Deductions through your Car Donation!

Do you know that you can bring smiles on the faces of sick children and make them happy through song with a simple auto donation? The smile which appears on the faces of sick children when they realize there is a song totally dedicated to them is truly incomparable and it uplifts their spirit beyond imagination.

Donate your old vehicle, boat or truck to the Songs of Love Foundation. The towing is free, you get a tax deduction and most importantly, you get to help an ailing child experience the thrill of hearing his or her own personalized "song of love". That's what we call our program CARS™ (Children Are Receiving Songs). The proceeds of your donated vehicle goes directly to covering the costs associated with producing our one-of-a-kind songs for the children who need a reason to smile.

Donations are fully tax-Deductible

So, donate your used car to Songs of Love, avoid the difficulties associated with selling it, and get tax deductions. It is actually a win-win situation for everyone! Our vehicle donation process is simple and hassle-free! Just call us at 888-909-SONG or fill out this online form. Thank you very much for your support!

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Please use the extra savings to help more children receive their very own "song of love".

(DISCLAIMER: If the iPod Shuffle is chosen to be accepted then the value of the iPod Shuffle will be deducted from your tax deduction of your vehicle donation. If iPod Shuffle is declined then you will receive the full value of your vehicle donation and the cost associated with the iPod Shuffle will go towards helping more sick children)

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